Tips for retirement

20 Aug 2019

‘Retirement, a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it and how you want to do it’ – Catherine Pulsifer

Staying home, in your back garden with a cup of coffee and perhaps reading a book. This is what retirement often connotes to. It is ultimately up to you on how you want to spend your retirement period but staying home and performing little activity will not be either beneficial or healthy for both your physical and mental health. Once retired – or maybe even before retiring, think about what you want to achieve from retirement. Getting older doesn’t mean that you stop setting goals. Think about how you can have a happy retirement, after all, you deserve it. 

Having more time on your hand allows you to have more time for yourself. Why not take the opportunity to read more books or watch films or documentaries? Despite being entertaining, these also help to widen your knowledge and relax you. Having time by yourself is just as important as being around friends and family.  

Moreover, if you’ve always wanted to try something out but never had the time for it, this is your chance. Try something new. Information or courses on the many hobbies that you’d like to take up are now more easily accessed. The internet does not only offer explanations on such activities but also contains tutorial videos showing you and teaching you how to perform these activities.  

After all the hard work you’ve done, you can use some of your savings to travel more frequently, perhaps to destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting but couldn’t before. You could also explore different parts and regions from your country that you’ve never been to. It’s never too late to find out about different norms and culture. 

Retirement does not essentially require you to stop working at all. You could use this time to teach or volunteer, especially if you’ve gained knowledge and skills over the years. Both teaching and volunteering have their rewards and the former option would also allow for anther source of income, that could be saved or spent on something you love doing! 

In addition, it’s a great time to spend with your family. You could use this time to continue strengthening your family ties and establish stronger bonds with your relatives. Thanks to the various social media platforms we can easily connect with those around us.