Italy should follow the US to remain the greatest in Europe

24 Jun 2019

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has stated that Italy is currently the strongest country in Europe and may continue to thrive by following the steps of the US. After just returning from his visit to the White House, Salvini is a firm believer that Italy is the most loyal ally the US has in Europe.

Having had a good showing during the previous European elections and leading the polls to win the next general elections, Salvini is looking to form a partnership with Donald Trump’s administration, reckoning that it would benefit both sides. The Deputy Prime Minister has successfully challenged the EU in not following the Draconian fiscal compact plans for Italy to grow further. Idealising the US, Salvini said, ‘At a moment when European Union institutions are fragile and changing significantly, Italy wants to be the most solid, effective, coherent and credible partner for the US’. 

During his trip in Washington, Salvini met with US Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Migration, terrorism, Venezuela, the Middle East and having a closer relation were the main talking points of the meeting. Salvini also backed Trump’s decision to ban Chinese company Huawei Technologies and announced that the Italian government could also follow the US in banning the Chinese company from investing in its infrastructure projects, considering it as a shared vision for national security. 

The EU kept a close eye on Salvini’s trip in DC, fearing that he would become a leading politician for EU members who do not wish to remain part of what the EU stands for.